No.Name of CompanyAddress
1Akoto Risk ManagementPOBox 953, Accra                        
2Allied Insurance BrokersPOBox NT 469, Accra
3All Risks ConsultancyPOBox 11586, Accra-North
4Alpha Insurance BrokersPOBox CT 6046, Accra
5Apex Insurance BrokersPOBox KN 3068, Accra
6Ark Insurance BrokersPOBox MP 1609, Accra
7Asterix Insurance BrokersPOBox AD 50, Accra
8Ceris InternationalPOBox CT 3547, Accra
9Claim LimitedPOBox CT 1731, Accra
10Crown Insurance BrokersPOBox 15282, Accra-North
11Danniads LimitedPOBox 71, ITFC, Accra
12Double D & M. Insurance    BrokersPOBox KN 4034, Accra
13Dynamic Insurance BrokersPMB CT 98, Accra
14Edward Mensah,Wood &    AssociatesPOBox 16882, Accra-North
15First Anchor risk ManagementPOBox AN 5042, Accra
16Ghana International Ins. BrokersPOBox GP 3470,Accra
17Global Impact Insurance BrokersPOBox AN 7130, Accra
18Gras Savoye GhanaPOBox KIA 30708,Accra
19Horizon Insurance BrokersP.OBox CS 8409, Tema
20Insurance Centre of ExcellencePOBox CT 6274, Accra
21Ins. Consultancies InternationalPOBox GP4648, Accra
22Inter-Africa BrokersPOBox SD 89, Accra
23Int. Consortium BrokersPOBox OS 2774, Accra
24JeRock Insurance BrokersPOBox TA 468, Accra
25KEK Insurance BrokersPOBox 6681, Accra-North
26KEK Reinsurance Brokers (Africa)POBox 6681, Accra-North
27Lordship Ins. Brokers &    ConsultantsPOBox 1144, Accra
28Marine & General BrokersPOBox GP 2913, Accra
29Maxpal IntermediariesP.OBox SD 79, Accra
30Midas Insurance BrokersP.OBox AN 10554,Accra
31Newland Risk ManagementP.OBox 206,ITFC,Accra
32Premier Brokers &    ConsultantsP.O.Box DS 1632,Accra
33Progressive Insurance ServicesP.OBox GP 14438,Accra
34Prudent ConsultPOBox AN 8118,Accra
35Safety Insurance BrokersP.OBox OS 2912,Accra
36Saviour Ins. Brokers &    ConsultantPOBox KD 468. Accra
37Shield Ins. & Risk Mgt.    CompanyP.OBox GP 13197,Accra
38Trans-National Insurance BrokersP.OBox 17841,Accra
39Tri-Star Insurance ServicesP.OBox 12566,Accra-North
40Universal Insurance ConsultantsP.OBox CT 117, Accra

Insurance Solutions   

PMB  CT 382, Cantonments-Accra
42Riscovery  LimitedPOBox  CT 3817 Cantonments-Accra
43Risk  Solutions

PMB.20, Kanda-Accra



  • History

  • History of Insurance In Ghana
  • The year 1965 could be marked as the birth year of Insurance Brokerage in Ghana...
  • Messages

  • President's Message
  • The Ghana Insurance Brokers Association has made it clear that it wishes to inject fresh dynamism into its operations to promote and raise the image of Insurance Brokers.
  • Membership

  • Membership
  • Membership of GIBA is open to bodies Corporate and not individual members.
    All newly licensed Insurance Brokers are directed by the NIC to join GIBA.
  • News

  • GIBA Launches Website
  • GIBA has launched it new website to help improve it image and enhance communication